Make your vehicle’s tyres last longer


Tyre balancing that is also called tyre balancing is a procedure of equalising the weight of the tyre and wheel assembly combined. At high speeds, minor imbalance can multiply because of the centrifugal force. Balancing ensures smooth spinning of the wheels at high speeds and improves drive quality and tyres’ life.

 At Ranger Tyres workshop, we perform affordable and quick wheel balancing to ensure you enjoy a safe and smooth ride.

Ranger Tyres Wheel Balancing Features

  • Highly competitive pricing for full service
  • Takes only 40 minutes to align all four wheels
  • Cutting edge wheel balancing equipment uses laser technology to determine the deformity/imbalance in the wheels
  • We never use old weights as reusing them could rust your wheel
  • Trained professional mechanics balance wheels using state of the art equipment
  • Ranger Tyres provides industry leading customer care

Wheel Balancing
Wheel Balancing