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Wheel alignment that is also known as tyre alignment provides assistance in improving your tyres’ performance over the long term and and makes them durable. Wheel alignment also enhances handling and keeps your car from pulling in one direction or experiencing unusual vibrations whilst on the road.

 At Ranger Tyres workshop, we perform affordable and quick wheel alignment procedures to ensure your vehicle drives smoothly on the road.

Ranger Tyres Wheel Alignment Features

  • Highly competitive pricing for full service
  • Takes only 40 minutes to align all four wheels
  • Lever-less tyre machines reduce accidental damage to alloys
  • Thorough 3D scan ensures perfect positioning of camber, caster and tow position of tyres
  • Trained professional mechanics align wheels using state of the art equipment
  • Ranger Tyres provides industry leading customer care

Wheel Alignment
Wheel Alignment Form