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Vehicles that are more than 3 years old must by UK law pass an annual MOT test to demonstrate their roadworthiness. An MOT includes a range of technical assessments on your vehicle, from brakes and fuel system to lights, seatbelts, mirrors, exhaust system and windscreen wipers.

At our Luton workshop, Ranger Tyres performs a comprehensive MOT to ensure your vehicle is perfectly fit to be on the road.

Ranger Tyres MOT Features

  • Highly affordable pricing compared to competition
  • Takes less than an hour to perform MOT testing
  • Utilise brand new state of the art MOT testing machinery
  • Emission testing equipment ensures vehicle’s eco-friendliness
  • Highly trained MOT testers who keep themselves informed regarding latest developments concerning auto repair industry
  • Ranger Tyres ensures every tester has adequate training to service vehicles that incorporate latest technology

MOT Test
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