Ranger Tyres Ltd. is very clear on and strongly believes in maintaining the privacy of its users and customers and guarding any personal information that is being shared with the company through website or any other digital platform. This privacy policy goes at length to explain how Ranger Tyres gathers, detains, conveys, processes, and reveals its customer’s personal data. We aim to use any personal data that have been recorded or provided, willingly, to us under strictest confidence.

   Customers are advised to methodically read the privacy policy to understand our procedures when using personal information and how they are handled.

1) Legal information and how we can be approached

Ranger Tyres Ltd.
Unit 3. 81 Arundel Road Luton Bedfordshire LU4 8DY, Company No. 10541944 registered in England & Wales
In case of further queries regarding our privacy policy or our treatment of your personal data, below are the options available to you.

  • Write to us by email to
  • Send us a letter addressed to Unit 3. 81 Arundel Road Luton Bedfordshire LU4 8DY
  • Fill in the contact form available on our website
  • Give us a call on 0800 999 2123

2) Data Protection Officer

To remain true to our commitment of keeping our customers’ personal information confidential and safe, we have appointed a Data protection Officer, whose prime responsibility is to carefully manage all aspects of personal data. In order to reach our Data protection Officer, you can write an email to

3) More policies and information for you

While, primarily, this privacy policy updates you on how your personal data is being employed by the company, and how all sensitive information are being screened, there are further information under different policies that we encourage you to read.

 (a). Extended privacy policy

(b). Cookies

(c). Terms of website use

(d). Links to other websites

 (a). Extended privacy policy

Mentioned above is the main privacy policy that is being provided by the company when you utilize our website, and other digital products and services. However, further detailed information regarding our specific digital products and services can be viewed here Please read these additional privacy policies when subscribing to our products and services.

(b). Cookies

Upon visiting our website, we gather standard internet log information. The purpose of doing so is collect purely statistical data about visitation to our website, and what sites, pages and product are most popular among our customers. The company assures you that standard internet log information collected does not identify any one. For further information on our cookie policy, please click the link here

 (c). Terms of website use

Under this heading, we have outlined the terms on which you are liable to handle employment of our website. For further detail on our terms of website use, please read here.

 (d). Links to other websites

Often our company’s website contains hyper links to other websites, advertisement, social media pages, and other affiliates that are operated by third party, having their own privacy and cookie policy. It is heavily advised to thoroughly scout these websites and their privacy policy before providing any personal information. The company does not own any responsibility for the privacy practices followed by these third parties.

4) User information

(a). Discretionary particulars
To have a better understanding of our customers and their particular preference for a product or service, we sometimes ask for voluntary information other than the information provided to us by you. This optional information assist us to tailor our services and products according to user’s taste.

(b). Susceptible personal data
While we do not seek personal information from our users, but it is best to remember that few sections on our website may intake personal information of our users. Sections such as product or service review, might include user sharing some sensitive personal information if they feel comfortable doing so. Please be advised that your reviews can be viewed by other users of our website.

5) Marketing Correspondence

While signing up to any of our newsletters, promotional mails, and other marketing communications, you are requested to provide information including your name and email address or, seldom, your contact number. This information is used by the company to dispatch all the marketing communications that have been requested.

   To subscribe to our promotional mails and newsletter, you will find a ‘subscribe’ link appear every time you open the website or any other section of the website, so just click on that link and provide your name and email address to complete the form.

    However, at any time you feel like subscribing from our marketing communications, you can click the link to unsubscribe that is available at the bottom of any email that you receive from our company. You can also subscribe from our newsletter and promotional advertisements by sending us an email to, upon which your contact information will be removed from our receivers list.

   You are also provided with the option to change your preferences of our marketing correspondence by simply logging into ‘My Account’ section that is posted on the top right of our website page and prioritize marketing materials that you are interested in.

 Before using your personal information provided under this policy for any other purpose, other than sending you marketing correspondence, will be first approved by the user.

6) Accumulation of your information through other sources

We may collect your personal information through other sources, which will allow us to provide you with our product and services. These sources include:

A. Our third party business partners and/or sub-contractors such as, Google Adwords and Analytics, payment handlers, technical providers, credit agencies and search information providers.

Information collected though these sources enable us to pursue legitimized interest that is to enhance our products and services and improve the usage of our website.

B. As mentioned earlier, data collection is done by using cookies and other technological devices that trace out the pattern with which you use our website, and digital products and services. Through the output of using these cookies, the company intends to make your visitation to our website more personalized and adhering to your preferences. To know more about our cookie policy please open the link here.

C. The company make use of their social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram *links to relevant social media sites* to gather information through tweets, shares, and likes.

D. Data from our web server’s log, these include information about your browser type, your IP address and operating system. Collection of information can also be performed through user’s searches on the website and their response to our marketing correspondence, for instance whether the user has opened the email or discarded it .Through this data collection, administration of system and usage of website can be identified.

Information collected though these sources enable us to pursue legitimized interest that is to enhance our products and services and improve the usage of our website.

7) Storing your personal data

Information provided to us is stored on our protected servers.

8) Who do we share your confidential information with

Third parties often find themselves seeking personal information of our users to adhere to their responsibilities. Only in such cases, does the company offer personal
information of our users exclusively to the below mentioned third parties.

A. Service provider
As aforementioned, Ranger Tyres is being facilitated by various third parties to carry out their operations, among these sources are service provider, who, on behalf of the company, offer services to our users requested by them. However, under the contract that they have signed with us, they are under obligation to utilize any personal information that they collect, solely for the purpose of providing service, and maintaining
the confidentiality of the user’s information by acting, entirely, under our instruction.

B. Delivery supplier
To focus on our core business, we have outsourced the function of delivery to different delivery partners, who aid us in delivering your product to your business or residential
contact. To achieve smooth delivery, we share your contact information such as telephone number or mail address with our delivery suppliers.

C. Fitting provider
For us to comply with your requirement of fitting service, we share your contact and vehicles particular with our fitting partners so that your order can reach completion. To
efficiently provide the fitting service, we employ location service so that you can be connected to a fitting center nearest to the location you identified on our website.

D. IT service provider
Structure of our website and our IT infrastructure, such as hosting and email services are courtesy of our IT service suppliers.

E. Payment handler
We are partnered with trust-worthy, third party payment handler providers who facilitate the process of your payment with complete discretion. We fully comply with the PCI &
DSS standards in respect of processing credit/debit card payments.

9) Duration of your personal details with the company

Under our privacy rule, the company is not allowed to hold personal information of user for purpose or purposes, other than the purpose for which the information was initially collected. It is against our rule to detain personal detail after the purpose for collecting it had been served, this includes legal, accounting or reporting requirement.

10) User's rights under Data Protection Act

Under the Data Protection Legislation, there are certain rights that can be exercised by you concerning the way your personal information is being processed by the company.
These are the right

(a). to be informed
(b). of accessing your data
(c). to rectify your particulars
(d). to eliminate your data
(e). to limit the process
(f). to transfer your data
(g). to protest processing

(a) The right to be informed

Under this rule, the user has the right to be educated about the gathering and processing of their personal information. This also includes information about the company and their intentions regarding usage of the personal data collected. This
privacy notice hold all the information that you might seek.

(b) The right of access your data

This right provides user with the authority to have access to all the personal information that the company has detained for legal purposes. Ranger Tyres will also provide confirmation about the status of your information and grant you access to your personal data.

(c) The right to rectify your particulars

The margin for human error is provided in all areas, thus if you find particulars about your personal information to be wrong or not complete, you have the right to make rectification on those particulars and update your information accordingly. If your
personal information has been revealed to any third party, the company will see to inform them of the new changes to your data. In order to educate us about any inaccuracy, please contact us through the sources provided to you in privacy policy.

(d) The right to eliminate your data

At few times, user is entitled to request us to eliminate their personal information. The scenarios under which this request is valid are, when the company has fulfilled their purpose, for which, they initially, sought personal information of the user, and when the user has removed their consent to the processing of data by the company. To seek more information about this particular right, you can contact us directly.

(e) The right to limit the processing of your personal information

Often there are circumstances where the user does not feel comfortable enough in carrying out the procession of personal data. At such times, you have the authority to restrict the processing of your personal information. Upon any such request forwarded to us, the company will immediately halt the processing of your information.

(f) The right to transfer your data

Under this act, you have the right to shift or transfer your personal information to any other service provider or copy your data for purpose(s) that serve your requirement.

(g) The right of protesting the process

If you have questions regarding our legitimate interest for which we have collected and processed your personal information, then you have the right to demand to stop the
processing of your information or not to process it at all. If you see the company using your personal information for direct marketing activities, you can object to the process. To file in your objection, please login through your My Account or contact us at *insert data protection officer email address*.

(h) Adjustments in our privacy policy

Our privacy policy maybe subject to changes occasionally. In case of any development, the changes will be communicated to you promptly on our page. We will continue to keep our customers apprised of the changes via email or upon logging in, if they hold an online account with us.